• Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator

  • Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator

  • Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator

Step 1: How many sessions do you want to shoot this year?

Enter the number of sessions you would like to shoot this year.


Description: Consider the number of photography sessions that you would enjoy shooting in a given year. Take into consideration the ideal amount for you and your family that allows you to also enjoy life.

Example of someone who enjoys working weekends: 40

Step 2. How much are your personal expenses?

{{ monthly_personal_exp | currency}} / month

{{ monthly_personal_exp * 12 | currency}} / year

Description: Calculate all of the personal expenses that you are responsible for ignoring any business expenses. Leave any categories at 0 if they do not apply.

Giving / Charity: $ / year    
Groceries: $ / month
Mortgage / Rent: $ / month
Transportation/Gas: $ / month
Misc: $ / year    
Debt: {{personal_exp_debt | currency }} / month

Student Loans $ / month
Credit Cards $ / month
Car Payments $ / month
Insurance: {{ personal_exp_insurance | currency }} / month

Health $ / month
Car $ / month
Home $ / month
Utilities: {{personal_exp_utilities | currency }} / month

Electricity $ / month
Water $ / month
Heating $ / month
Garbage $ / month
Cell Phones $ / month
Cable/Internet $ / month

Step 3. Estimated taxes you will owe

Description: Tax Brackets are based off of your income. The more you make, the higher percetage you owe the government.

This puts you in the {{tax_rate * 100 | number:0}}% Tax Bracket

The breakdown so far

Description: These numbers are generated using the 50/20/30 rule.

50% of your salary towards personal expenses

20% of your salary towards savings

30% of your salary towards discretionary income

I want you to have a business that gives you the life that you deserve. This means NOT living paycheck to paycheck. Setting aside savings, being able to go the movies, go out to eat, or take your kids to Cedar Point.

Take-home (after taxes) salary you need to make

{{salary_before_taxes | currency }} / year

Amount of that set aside for Savings

{{salary_before_taxes * .2 / 12 | currency }} / month

Amount of that set aside for discretionary income

{{salary_before_taxes * .3 / 12 | currency }} / month

Taxes you will have to pay.

{{ taxes_to_pay | currency }} / year

Total overall income you need to generate factoring in taxes.

{{taxes_to_pay + salary_before_taxes | currency }} / year

Step 4. What are your business expenses?

{{monthly_buisness_expenses | currency }} / month

{{ annual_buisness_expenses | currency}} / year

Description: As you are entering business expenses, please leave out any expenses that only incur when you book a client. For example if you hire an assistant each wedding, do not factor that into this section. We will get to cost of goods sold in step 5.

Tip: These are all tax write offs and should be filed as such during tax season!

Gear: $ / year    
Office Rent: $ / month
Office Manager: $ / month
Client Mgt. Software: $ / month
Accountant: $ / month
Advertising: $ / month
Website Hosting: $ / month
Insurance: {{buisness_exp_insurance | currency }} / month

Liability: $ / month
Gear: $ / month

File Delivery: $ / month

(only if filed as a corporation)

$ / month
Misc/other: $ / month

Step 5. What are your cost of goods sold per photography session?

{{ cost_of_goods | currency }} / session

{{ cost_of_goods * number_of_weddings | currency }} / year

Description: COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) relates to the costs you incur each time you book a wedding. Only enter the amount for 1 individual wedding.

For Example:

Each time you book a wedding, you have to pay a 2nd shooter $300

Certain numbers will be variable, so do your best to come up with an average. For example if 50% of our couples have a 2nd shooter. I would enter $150. (Half of what I pay a 2nd shooter)

2nd Shooter: $
Album Costs: $
Print Costs: $
Digital File Delivery:

(pass gallery, USB stick)

Assistant: $
Wedding Day Meals: $
Clients Gifts: $
Travel Costs $

Step 6. How much to charge?

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what you need to charge

Total needed to cover business expenses, personal expenses, taxes and cost of goods. {{need_to_make_per_year | currency}} / year

You should charge {{charge_per_wedding | currency}} per session.

Is this number a little too daunting for you?

Try increasing the number of photography sessions you take on a year to bring it down.

Number of sessions: