One Week Win: Get More Clients

Day 5

Brought to you by your faithful photo friend, Ben Hartley

I said it at the start of this experience together. My #1 goal as a photography educator is to get you results.

Heres the thing.

It's not that we don't know WHAT to do (You have instructions for exactly what to do next.)

It's that our human nature gets in the way and overpowers the part of you that NEEDS to take action. It's doing this because it's trying to keep you safe. 

The problem is, success is anything but safe. 

Success is risky.
Success requires doing hard things.
Success means we don't get to hide in our comfort zone. 

Early on, I had seen this hundreds of times with photographers who were enrolled in the OG graduate program. They had a play by play breakdown of exactly what to do in every element of their business.

But then they woke up, and their human nature stepped in to "save" them. 

It tends to look a whole lot like Self-sabotage, making up stories, and keeping ourselves small.

This is EXACTLY why the I focused on building the community and connection around the new Graduate Program (and everything I do.) You combat the tricks of the mind by calling them out and talking to them.

Curiosity is the antidote to fear!

So, talk to me Goose.

Fill out this form and share with me what's goin on for you over there.

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- with love, Ben