Day 4

Brought to you by your faithful photo friend, Ben Hartley

A quick review.

To get BETTER clients, you need brand advocacy

- 92% trust referrals
- Referrals spend 16% more money
- 50X more likely to make a purchase

Referrals Compound. They keep pumping, and one begets another!

To get referrals you need to be intentional about
1. Something to talk about
“People can’t tell the difference between a good and great image, but they can tell the difference from a good and great experience.”

2. Somewhere to talk about it
Reviews, testimonials, referral to friend
3. Someone to talk about it!

A common misconception is that referrals need to come from past clients. That's only one of the three ways to get referrals.

I’m going to give you the plan for getting referrals from all three unique sources!

✅ Past Clients
✅ Vendor Partnerhips
✅ Other Photographers

Similar to how we started this adventure together - you get to make another choice!

Your next step is to click through and get your step by step instructions.

You are welcome to watch all three videos, thats fine, but I want you to choose ONE that you are going to fully commit to actually do for the One Week Win Challenge!

Check your email for day 5 of the One Week Win.

- with love, Ben