One Week Win: Get More Inquiries

Day 1

Brought to you by your faithful photo friend, Ben Hartley

Let's see ... where did we leave off?

Oh yes. The part where I admitted to being a fake and buying 4,000 "followers" on IG. 

These “followers” tanked my engagement, jacked up my algorithm and took me a solid year to get my account back to normal. 

More wasn’t my solution. 

What I needed was a handful of phenomenal followers who engaged with my content, shared my work with their friends, and wanted to actually hire me!

What we need is better, not more. 

Your photography business won’t be saved by more low quality leads who ask for discounts, don’t value your work, ghost you when you reply (or even worse - non stop message you because they don't value your time)

Your business will be saved, by a few, phenomenal clients. 

(To put this Pokemon terms - you don't need a bunch of Weedles - you need a few 1st edition Base Set Charizards…Gawd I hope that landed for at least some of you)

While you might not need oodles and oodles of janky leads, you certainly need to attract some high quality leads. But how? 

That's what the rest of this experience is going to show you how to do. But first we need to get the deeper WHY or it will all fall apart. 

If you are ready for the next step, then watch every second of this video. 

Check your email for day 2 of the One Week Win.

- with love, Ben