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This should help explain...

Here's why I am reaching out ...

Fuji is doing great and meaningful things. Your line that the X series should "make you fall in love with photography all over again." has been a true statement in my business and life. I can unpack this more over the phone.

I want to help Fujifilm grow by bringing the your message of "Value from Innovation" to my audience of earnest, up and coming photographers.


I spoke at several industry conferences over the last two years (and will continue to speak) and know that THIS is where I was born to be.

Here's what the director of Mystic Seminars had to say about my presentation - where I spoke along side Jonas:

I put together a brief cut for you when I Keynoted in Portland, OR for a photography convention to get a feel for my comfort and energy on stage. (Don't mind the Nikon sign on stage, they sponsored the event ;)

SF LIVE (over 186 episodes)

I started a daily live show that now has over 186+ episodes and gets thousands of views every week.

Here's a sample of one of my recent shows:

Abundance Workshop

Abundance is my workshop that I hold twice a year.

Here's what the last group of attendees said about the experience:

I host a weekly photography podcast called Six Figure Photography

It gets over 15,000+ downloads per month

Can we set up a call?