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How To Make Your Episode A Success

Here are a few tips and tricks to recording a great episode

Thanks for joining me for an interview on the Six Figure Photography Podcast!

Your interview will be audio AND VIDEO. It will Take place over Zoom.

Please set aside 1 hour for our interview. We will have a 5-10 minute pre-interview discussion via Zoom before I start recording, this is where we can go over the interview topic and  make sure our technical set-up is solid.

The interview itself will be around 45 minutes in length.

Interviews on the SFP podcast are very conversational, however I've put together a list of tips to insure that your episode is as good as it can be.


Have a clear message

The best guests are the ones who have a clear message they want to communicate to the SFP community. 

Here are a few tips to deliver a killer episode

  • Come prepared with a clear message or something to teach
  • Tell interesting stories to support your message
  • Provide additional resources for my audience to learn more about your topic

Audio quality is critical

Thousands of people listen to the SFP podcast every week and I take audio quality very seriously. It not only looks bad on me to publish episodes with poor audio, but it also looks bad on the guest and interferes with helping to get your message across.

Here are some tips to get great audio for your episode

  • Go to a quiet room where you won't be interupted
  • Wear headphones to reduce feedback
  • Use an external mic if you have one (if not, the mic on your headphones is a good alternative)
  • Don't record in a noisy public place like a coffee shop (happened)
  • Ask your partner NOT to do the dishes while you're being interviewed (happened)
  • Don't turn the TV on in the background (happened)
  • Don't scratch your beard continuously (happened twice! ruined 2 episodes)
  • Turn your cell phone and computer notifications off
  • Please note that I reserve the right to not publish your episode if the quality does not meet acceptable standards.

Ben Hartley - Contact Information

Guests are welcome to contact me anytime with questions before or after the interview.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (419) 271-1306