The Abundance workshop is ...

- All inclusive (did someone say private chef?)

- Transformational (Get ready to do the deep work)

- four Days long (you won't want to leave)

- In-Person (some growth Just can't happen through an online course)

- For Wedding & Portrait Photographers (oh, also personal brand photographers!)


Feb 18th - 21st 2024

If you have an established business

Abundance will break you free of the middle market and provide the blueprint to making 10X more

If you are new to business

Abundance will give you the foundation to hit your goals 10X faster

If you are new to business

Abundance will give you the foundation to hit your goals 10X faster

Why would anyone pay you $10,000 to photograph their session when they could have it done for far less?

- After the Abundance Workshop you will know exactly why -

(and no, its NOT any of the following answers)

  • Because I am worth it. (not a bad place to start, but its a fluffy answer with no clear direction)
  • Because they have to buy printed products through my studio. (I'm talking 10X growth BEFORE any print sales, if you decide that you want to offer print, that becomes a cherry on top)
  • My work is that good.  (It's 2023 - you better be good. The trouble is, most of our clients can't tell the difference between OK work, and really great work.)


Feb 18th - 21st 2024

No matter how many questions I have asked other photographers, or how many other workshops I have taken, no one wants to include you in on the big secret.
The specifics of what to talk about with clients. There were zero secrets with Ben.

Because of Abundance my bookings
have more than doubled.

Jill Houser ‧ Owner/Photographer

This is what you can expect to take away from the Abundance Workshop

  • Establish your self-confidence and self-worth as a photographer and business owner 
  • Define an attractive, memorable brand that comes alive offline in your sales & shooting sessions as well as online through your website and social media platforms
  • Hone your instincts to make better business decisions, such as evaluating pricing, packages, products, profit margins and print.
  • Pricing critiques and re-structuring sessions to apply strategic pricing and maximizing profits
  • Watch me interact LIVE with a client to see EXACTLY how I do it
  • Watch and participate in roleplays to get feedback on what you learn in real time
  • Learn my step by step technique for selling printed artwork that has brought in more than $100,000 this year alone!
  • Nightly portfolio and brand reviews to give you 1:1 feedback on whats working, and where attention is most needed.
  • Learn the EXACT scripts for what to say at every point in order to book more clients at higher prices
  • Accountability and commitment from the community of photographers who learn the same process as you

No more guessing games. This is how you make a massive impact in your business and life. 

After over 200 Workshop Attendees, here’s what people are saying



"Just booked my TOP PACKAGE!!!!!!!"

Ryan Gandee


"...worth every penny and then some."

Anthony A.


"I just booked an 11k wedding"

Abundance is split into 3 FULL days. Here is what we cover each day 

Day #1: The Value Day

My favorite day of the workshop. This is the foundation for everything that takes place the rest of the workshop.

  • Discover what has gotten between you and the life you want
  • What makes one photographer more valuable than another
  • Clearing out the clutter and creating a vision for the business we want
  • How to properly positioning our brand & establishing ourselves as The Expert

Scripts, workflows and the step by step for every part of the booking process.
Email, texts, DM's, phone calls, consultations, Zoom meetings, closing, following up

  • The booking workflow - what to say, how to say it, and how frequently to reach out
  • Scripts for everything
  • Watch me hold a live phone call with a new lead 
  • Roleplaying exercises  
  • How to hold consultations that book (even over Zoom) 

In order to maximize your profits - you must know your numbers. On day 3, we make sure you aren't leaving money on the table and have a strategic plan for your pricing.

  • How to explode your profits with Value based pricing
  • The high level strategies for building out our your collections
  • How to make tens of thousands with printed products 
  • The secret to closing more clients at higher prices

Something truly awesome happens when you have confidence in your pricing, marketing and business model.

Your relationships and photography will improve while simultaneously putting a healthy profit into your bank account. I like the sound of that!

Sadly, the photography community has been underserved in this regard. There aren’t many qualified resources to turn to for valid information on how to run a six figure photography business. The few credible sources that do exist are repeating the same old fluff.

That’s why I created The Abundance Workshop. I wanted to merge the fun with the financials, the creative boldness with the business, and the awesome sauce with the sales.

Our workshop is the business partner you’ve always wanted to help you grow your photography business!

Their businesses have exploded with growth and yours will too!

Introducing The Abundance Workshop

Maximize Joy, meaning, & Profits

About Ben Hartley...

For the past 13 years, I've been coaching photographers all over the world on how to grow their photography businesses.

After personally working with over 400+ photographers, I can tell you one thing for certain. 


That's why I created this workshop, to show you how to start getting paid what you're worth so that you can reach your goals faster + live the life you've dreamed of.

Here’s what real people are saying about my training

Are You Ready To Invest In Yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see what you're looking for? Email [email protected]

Where is this workshop held?

This is an in-person workshop held in Orlando Florida at a private residence.

Is this only for wedding photographers?

No - this workshop is for Portrait and Wedding Photographers.

What is included? 

- Four Day Workshop
- Lodging (We will all be staying in the same space)
- All Meals (Private Chef)
- All workshop material, slides and assets discussed at the workshop

What Airport Should I fly into?

Orlando International Airport

Is Airfare and lodging included in the Ticket Price?

Lodging is included - Airfare is not. 

Are refunds available?

Passes are transferable to another student, however direct refunds are not an option.

What should I bring?

- Laptop or journal for taking notes
- Your camera with a favorite lens
- Comfortable clothes

DISCLAIMER: The sales figure stated on this page are our personal sales figures and the figures of previous or existing clients. I cannot promise you any specific results, and your results will be influenced by many factors including, but not limited to, your background, experience, and work ethic.